Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

The past decade has brought us transcending inventions such as smartphones and tablets. Today, browsing can be done with the use of these gadgets. Your website is not just seen with the use of laptops and desktops anymore. These are even speculations that in the future, tablets and smartphones may be able to phase out desktops and laptops. With the growing business applications and with features being upgraded by the minute, this idea may still be farfetched but with more and more skilled IT people around, this is not impossible. Do you have a website? Have you considered taking this a step ahead by making it mobile-friendly? Here’s why you ought to be pondering really hard about toying with this idea.

mobile friendly websitesConverts to More Visits

 As you all know, smartphones do more than let you send text messages and make phone calls. It also connects you to the Internet and allows you the use of many applications such as VoIP service like RingCentralproducts. This will also allow you to browse through different websites as well. Did you know that more than half of mobile users now use smartphones? Yes, they check their social media accounts, do online shopping, check their emails, and connect with friends using VoIP with their smartphones.

While people like to find stuff on the Internet using their desktops and laptops, they cannot just do at any time. With smartphones, they can just go to Google, type some keywords of products and services they like and they are set to go. They can even do this while waiting for the train to arrive.

It Creates Better Experience for Mobile Users


Have you tried visiting websites using your smartphone? Then you may have noticed how just some web pages do not seem to fit into the screen. The images tend to be distorted, you have a hard time finding the navigation buttons and you have to hit the back button more than once because you can’t seem to find the right information. This is what happens when your website is not mobile friendly. Your phone has a hard time handling all the information on it and while this may look good on a desktop, it does not seem to look as good on a small smartphone.

When you make your website mobile-friendly, the interface of the website is changed a bit so that your visitors will not have too much trouble navigating it using their smartphones because this will conveniently fit the screen.

You Get Ahead of Your Competition

People like to be able to get all the things they need whether browsing using their computers or smartphones. If your competitors have not optimized their website to cater to mobile users, then you are in the winning side. When people find that their website is hard to navigate using their smartphones, they would rather take their business somewhere else and who is next in line? This could be you. If technology is getting better by the minute, people also expect more effort on your part to be future-forward. Making your website mobile-friendly is one of today’s trends and people want to see this in your business.

You Will Have More Sales

 The ultimate goal of every business is to have unlimited funds for it to thrive years of being in the industry. Naturally, when visitors are satisfied with your website and you get them to visit more often, you improve your chances of making a sale. According to recent studies, it was found that people like to scourge the Internet nowadays before they decide to buy something. With mobile-friendly websites, you are reaching people even while they are on the go and you are able to influence them to buy your products and services when they happen to land on your page.

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