Top Technology Discussions Of The Week-3rd March To 10th March-2013

1. 3D-Printed Skull Implant Ready for Operation

With the help of 3D-printing technology, surgeons replaced 75% of a patient’s skull.

Learn more about this amazing feat:

Image courtesy of OsteoFab

2. Socialmatic Camera Creates Real-Life Filtered Pics

Instagram’s great, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience it outside the digital world? Snap a photo, select a filter and then, not tweet it, but print it to physically share? A new company called Socialmatic is hoping to make that a reality.

Find out more about it: Camera .

3. New LED Light Bulb Looks and Lights Like an Incandescent

Cree has announced a new series of energy-saving light bulbs that look and function like incandescents. Unlike most LED alternatives on the market, these bulbs start at less than $10 and save up to 84% in energy — and they’re shaped like traditional lightbulbs.

Read more:

Image courtesy of Cree

4. 3D Printing Coming to Vending Machine Near You

If vending machines can dispense beer, pizza and movies, why not 3D-printed objects? Combining the hyper-local convenience of Redbox with cutting edge technology, Dreambox is a vending machine that aims to fuel the 3D-printing revolution from the bottom up.

Learn more:

Image courtesy of Dreambox

5. Projector Digitally Aligns Your Billiard Shots in Real Time

A team of students from the University of the Algarve in Portugal designed a projector, called PoolLiveAid, that creates real-time light predictions of billiard shots — sort of like a “digital cheat code” for pool.

Find out more:

Image courtesy of Luís Sousa and Ricardo Alves

6. Scientists Track Sharks With Underwater Robots

Humans aren’t good at following sharks: We’re noisy in the water, need to breathe air and the animals generally get disturbed when we’re around. So a group of California universities put together a project to use autonomous underwater vehicles, or AUVs, to do the job.

Read more:

Image courtesy of Flickr, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Christopher Clark

7. Smart Computer Mouse Carries Your Digital Identities Between Devices

A European company wants not only to make the mouse “smart,” but this one stores your digital identity and files, allowing you to move across various computers and systems.

Learn more:

Thumbnail image courtesy Laura Sapiens

8. Samsung’s Galaxy S IV Smartphone Could Have Eye Scrolling

Samsung’s next generation smartphone — the Galaxy S IV — could include an eye scrolling feature, making it easier for users to read text, hands free.

Read more about this innovatiion:

Image via iStockphoto, tlnors

9. Dyson’s New Fan Heater Works For All Seasons

Dyson, the company that re-invented the vacuum and made fans cool again, introduced ahe Dyson Hot + Cool bladeless heater/fan that can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Find out more:

Image courtesy of Flickr, michael.aulia

10. Ferrari’s Hybrid Supercar Reaches 62 MPH in 3 Seconds

Ferrari has launched a V12-powered hybrid supercar with a 789-horsepower gasoline engine and a 160-horsepower electric motor, which goes from 0 to 62 mph in less than 3 seconds (Ferrari’s numbers) and has a top speed of 205 mph.

Learn more about Ferrar’s new supercar:

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona brought a flurry of new mobile launches, but this week in tech has been just as exciting. There was no big gadget announcement, but a lot of other exciting news. 

Perhaps the biggest was the launch of a new Ferrari, the LaFerrari, a hybrid super car that goes from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3 seconds and reaches 205 MPH. Talk about speed! The Italian car manufacturer will only produce 499 of these cars and the price has yet to be announced. Rest assured, they won’t be cheap.

This week we’ve also learned about scientists’ new plans to track sharks with underwater robots, a projector that helps you play pool, the first-ever 3D-printed skull implant, and a vending machine that dispenses 3D-printed objects.

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In consumer tech, rumors of an exciting innovation made the news. Reportedly, the new Samsung Galaxy IV will have eye scrolling, which will make it easier to read hands-free.

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