Top Technology Discussions Of The Week-28th January to 2nd February-2013

1. The Robot That Will Extract Water From the Moon

The Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot — RASSOR, is an excavator robot designed to extract water, ice, and fuel from the soil of the moon, and from the soil of similarly dusty bodies (like, say, Mars).

Learn more about this futuristic robot.

Image courtesy of NASA

2. BlackBerry 10

Blackberry 10 was officially launched at an event in New York City on Wednesday, along with the official debut of the mobile operating system.

Here’s a quick look back at the event, what the company announced, and what we can expect in the future.

Image by Mashable’s Nina Frazier

3. The World’s Highest Resolution Drone-Mounted Camera

The ARGUS-IS drone-mounted camera is the highest-resolution camera ever made (that isn’t a top secret). With 1.8 gigapixels, it can spot objects as small as six inches from 17,500 feet of altitude.

Check out this impressive camera.

Photo courtesy of DVIDS 

4. Office 2013

The first version of Microsoft Office for Windows 8 — Office 365 Home Premium — is finally available for $99.95 per year.

Check out our updates on Office 2013.

5. Apple Announces the 128GB iPad

Apple is launching a 128GB iPad, which is practically identical to the current, fourth-generation iPad, only with more storage.

Learn more about this new iPad.

Image courtesy of Flickr, twid

6. This Mini-Drone Will Watch Wherever You Go

The MeCam is a small quadrocopter flying robot that will be able to continuously follow you, snap pictures or videos with its built-in digital camera, stream them to an Android or iOS phone or tablet, and upload them to social networks like Facebook or YouTube.

Take a look at this impressive mini-spying-bot.

Image courtesy of Always Innovating 

7. Google’s Street View Gets Stunning Imagery from the Grand Canyon

Google has added Grand Canyon to the list of its Street View-supported locations in Google Maps, and it’s really a sight to behold.

Take a look at our updates on Google’s Street View

Image courtesy Google Maps 

8. Nokia Music+ Offers $3.99 Premium Streaming Service

In an effort to better compete with Spotify and other music services, Nokia announced on Sunday it is expanding its free music streaming service with an enhanced paid version of its existing Nokia Music platform: a monthly subscription option called Nokia Music+ for about $3.99.

Learn more about this new initiative by Nokia.

Image courtesy of Nokia 

9. The Universal Macbook and iPad Charger

PlugBug World can charge a MacBook and iPad anywhere on the planet, letting you plug into up to five different types of electrical outlets around the world.

Take a look at this super-convenient charger.

Image courtesy of Twelve South

10. Google Glass FCC Filing Shows First Official Diagram

Details and diagrams for Google Glass just hit the FCC. The filing is for the Explorer Edition hardware — which is what Google will provide to developers who pre-ordered devices at Google I/O last summer.

The filing includes a diagram of the glasses.

It was another exciting week in tech, with a major announcement — the new BlackBerry 10, and a slew of other great stories.

The biggest story of the week was probably the launch of a new flagship phone, the touchscreen-only BlackBerry 10. The product that the company, now named simply BlackBerry, has bet its entire future on. The other two product announcements were not as earth-shattering perhaps, but still significant: Apple confirmed it’s launching a 128GB iPad and Nokia launched a Spotify competitor.

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It was a great week for science and robotics too. NASA unveiled a bot that will mine the moon, and we had the chance to see how powerful the highest resolution camera — mounted on a drone — can be.

Oh, and if you like drones, it’s your lucky week — a small start-up announced a mini-drone designed to hover over your shoulder and follow you around all day, taking pictures and videos.

This week, we also have our full comprehensive review of Office 2013 and some updates on the exciting Google Glass project.

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