Top Technology Discussions Of The Week- 1st January to 6th January- 2013

1. Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera

Samsung’s new mirrorless camera flagship is the NX 300, bringing novel features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to shoot 3D with a special lens.

Here’s our review:

Photo: Mashable

Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera

2. iPhone 5S to Be Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

Rumors are flying about the next iPhone 5S, which might come in a rainbow of colors, multiple screen sizes including a larger screen, and maybe even have a faster processor.

Read about it:

Graphic courtesy of Apple

iPhone 5S

3. World’s First Eye-Tracking PC Accessory to Launch in 2013

Tobii is set to bring eye-tracking tech to consumers in 2013 with a peripheral that works with any Windows 8 PC.

Here’s the story:

Image courtesy of Tobii

Eye-Tracking PC Accessory

4. Gorilla Glass 3

The next generation of Gorilla Glass, that tough stuff that adorns the screens of millions of smartphones the world over, will debut at CES 2013 — and Gorilla Glass 3 will be even more durable, according to Corning.

Here’s what we know so far:

Image courtesy of Corning

Gorilla Glass 3

5. Wakawaka Solar Charger

Place this smartphone-sized charger in the sun for a day, and it will be able to fully charge your smartphone or tablet and give you eight hours of reading light, too.

See why this is so groundbreaking here:

Images courtesy of WakaWaka

Wakawaka Solar Charger

6. Watch This Lego Drone Soar Across the Sky

Check out this drone built of LEGO, with four motors to give it lift and thrust and autopilot keeping it flying right — and there are two cameras on board.

We have video:

Image courtesy of SUASnews

Lego Drone Soar Across the Sky

7. Bluetooth Sticker Ensures You’ll Never Lose Your Keys Again

Stick one of these tiny Bluetooth-enabled discs directly onto an object, and then track it through an app that turns your smartphone into a radar screen.

Find more here:

Image courtesy of Mashable’s Andrea Smith

Bluetooth Sticker

8. Apple May Already Be Testing the New iPhone and iOS 7

The first trace of a possible iPhone successor appeared in the real world this week, where developer logs indicated that Apple is testing a device with a new “iPhone 6.1” identifier running iOS 7.

More here:

Photo courtesy Flickr, Robert S. Donovan

Apple New iPhone and iOS 7

9. Toyota Self-Driving Car

Toyota entered into the driverless car derby with “semi-driverless” vehicle that can go completely autonomous and control itself if necessary.

Watch the video:

Image courtesy of Toyota/Lexus

Toyota Self-Driving Car

10. World’s Thinnest 5-inch Smartphone

China’s ZTE plans to break some records at CES 2013, among them being the one for the thinnest 5-inch smartphone.

How thin is it? Find out here:

Graphics courtesy

5-inch Smartphone
The air is thick with anticipation of CES 2013, and even though there was a long weekend this week, the past seven days were packed with spectacular technology nevertheless.It was surprising how much stuff was going on, including an early look at Samsung’s newest mirrorless camera, hints about a stronger version of Gorilla Glass, rumors flying about the next iPhone, and a futuristic eye-tracking PC accessory that’s about to become available.

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There’s something here for everyone this week, including those who are absent-minded and always losing their keys, outdoorsy types who still want to use their smartphones, and LEGO fans with a flying jones. We even found a smartphone that’s so thin it would have to run around in the shower just to get wet.

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