Top Technology Discussions Of The Week-18th February To 23rd February-2013

1. Google Chromebook Pixel

The search giant and OS upstart unveiled its first high-resolution touchscreen laptop on Thursday, the Pixel, and turned the Chrome OS and Chromebook from an entry-level platform for cash-starved netizens into a powerful tool for cloud-friendly business people.

Find out more about Google’s surprising and expensive gamble .
Image by Chris Taylor, Mashable

2. Microsoft: Yes, We Got Hacked Too

Microsoft confirmed on Friday afternoon that it too was a victim of the same type of attack that affected Facebook and Apple earlier this month.

Learn more about this attack.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto, zmeel.

3. Study Shows iPhone 300% More Reliable Than Samsung Smartphones

A new report from product Q & A site FixYa found that the iPhone was more reliable than smartphones made by Motorola, Samsung and Nokia.

Read more here

Image via iStockphotokrystiannawrocki

4.3D-Printed Suckers Make Robot Octopus a Terrifying Possibility

Researchers are re-purposing animal parts that could be useful to new robots. The latest entries in that field are 3D-printed robotic suckers, which mimic the suction ability of a squid or octopus.

Learn more about the latest in 3D printing and robotics.

Image courtesy of Doug LaFon, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

5. How the Large Hadron Collider Bends Physics

The largest singular experimental project in the world, the Large Hadron Collider, is so mind-bogglingly complex that even some of its more finite properties are only comprehended by the best physics geeks our planet has to offer

Read our comprehensive breakdown of its magic.

Homepage image courtesy of The Large Hadron Collider/ATLAS at CERN

6. Hands On With the HTC One

The HTC One might be the most consumer-conscious smartphone ever made. HTC says it built the One to address the way people actually use their phones today, as opposed to building high-tech features for their own sake.

Check out our hands-on with this new HTC phone.
Photo by Mashable

7. 3D Mouse Ring Turns Fingers Into Computer Controllers

Mycestro is a 3D mouse that enables more mobile computing. Where a traditional computer mouse requires a flat surface to operate, this design places it on the index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions.

Learn more about this innovative device.

Image courtesy of Mycestro

8. Sony Announces the PlayStation 4

PlayStation fans, your wait is almost over. Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 at a press event Wednesday, the next generation of its popular console.

Read full coverage of the event here.

9. New Apple Patent Application Describes Flexible iWatch

A patent application from Apple outlines a device with a flexible screen worn on your wrist, adding fuel to the recent iWatch rumors.

Read more about the latest iWatch rumors.

Graphic courtesy of Yrving Torrealba

10. Here’s How It’ll Feel to Wear Google Glass

What would it be like to wear Google Glass? Google answered that question this week, posting a lot more information about Project Glass, including the user interface, through a series of photos and videos.
Take a look for yourself.
Image courtesy of Google

Another big week in tech is coming to a close, and this has been a good one — lots of interesting unveilings, speculations, hacks and oh, yeah, Google Glass, making this Top Technology News especially exciting.

Microsoft was just the latest big tech company to admit it was hacked, joining The New York Times and other newspapers, Twitter, Facebook and others.

The biggest revelation came from Google, which finally told us more about its secretive project Glass, unveiling some of its uses and publishing videos of people wearing them. And this wasn’t Google’s only revelation. The Mountain View company also launched the Chromebook Pixel, a touchscreen laptop with premium features — and an expensive price tag.

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Sony was the other big company to make a splash this week, unveiling — well sort of, since we haven’t really seen it — the PlayStation 4, which will be available at the end of the year.

In such a great week, there was still time for some speculation over the rumored Apple iWatch, a new flagship HTC phone and plenty more.

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