Top Technology Discussions Of The Week – 15th April To 21st April -2013

1.Gadget Turns Your Car’s Steering Wheel Into an Electronic Drum Set

Bored with driving? Now there’s “Reinventing the Wheel (RITW),” a steering wheel cover that lets you entertain yourself by playing a digital drum set along with whatever you’re listening to on your car stereo. But is it safe?
Take a look at it:

Photo courtesy Smack Attack Corp.

2.Forget Google Reader. Here’s Star Wars Reader

There are other ways to read the headlines from your favorite websites, other than Google Reader. We’ve covered a bunch of Google Reader replacements — but none of those replacements have quite the pizzazz of StarRSS, a feed reader based on the opening crawl from every Star Wars movie.

Check it out:

Image courtesy of fotcorn

3.Mercedes GLA Concept’s Laser Headlights Double as Video Projectors

The Mercedes GLA’s headlights are both fitted with a laser-beam projector, providing light for driving, but also projecting pictures or videos onto a screen or other surface.

Read more:

Image courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

4.Fujitsu Develops Technology That Turns Paper Into a Touchscreen

Fujitsu has developed a technology that detects objects your finger is touching in the real world, effectively turning any surface — a piece of paper, for example — into a touchscreen.

Read more:

Image courtesy of YouTube/DigInfo

5.Sony Just Launched a Ludicrously Fast Internet in Japan

So-net Entertainment, a Sony-backed Japan ISP, has launched a fiber-based Internet service that reaches download speeds of 2 Gbps, making it the fastest home Internet in the world.

Learn more:

Image via iStockphoto, JarekJoepera

6.Sexy Curved OLED TVs Coming Later This Year From LG

The much-rumored and talked-about curved OLED TVs are coming in the second half of this year.

Read more:
Photo courtesy LG

7.Battery Breakthrough Offers 30 Times More Power, Charges 1,000 Times Faster

Battery technology has improved over the past decade, but now scientists claim they have made a giant leap in power storage, giving lithium-ion batteries with 30 times more power and the ability to recharge 1,000 times faster “than competing technologies.”

Check it out:
Image courtesy Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

8.AirHarp Lets You Extract Music From Thin Air

If you’ve ever had the desire to unleash your inner musician without actually investing in an instrument, this new AirHarp app will help you achieve your symphonic dreams by waving your hands in mid-air.
Learn more:

9.Revolights Illuminate Your Bike With Built-In LEDs

If you bike at nighttime, you’re probably all too familiar with the challenges of keeping visible on the road. Reflectors and standard bike lights often help, but a Northern California startup has a unique solution that incorporates LED lighting directly on bike wheels.

Check it out:

Thumbnail and above image courtesy of Revolights by Glen McKenna. Image below by Vignesh Ramachandran/Mashable. Video editing by Bianca Consunji/Mashable. Additional b-roll video courtesy of Revolights.

Twitter Music Is a Discovery Powerhouse for Your iPhone

There are so many music services now, it makes you wonder: Is there any room left for a new service to stand out? Twitter Music answers with a confident yes, offering a fun music-discovery service wrapped in a gorgeous user interface.

Read our full review:

Image: Mashable composite, images via Twitter and iStockphoto, zoechan

It was another exciting week in tech. And if you missed it, worry not — that’s why we’re here with Top Technology Discussions Of The Week.

In a week with few product announcements, the biggest was perhaps the long-awaited Twitter Music launch. Surprisingly, in an online world full of music services, this one still stands out, earning the Mashable Choice. Speaking of music, there’s now an app that allows you to touch and pluck strings simply by waving your hands in mid-air.

In Japan, meanwhile, Sony announced the deployment of what will be the fastest home broadband service in the world, running a speed of 2 GBps.

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It was a big week for cool, unusual tech. A California startup developed LED lights that can be incorporated directly on a bike’s wheels. Fujitsu is developing technology that can turn any surface into a touchscreen. And if you’re one of those who likes to tap on your steering wheel, you can now play drums while driving with a wheel cover that mimics a drum set.

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