Top Technology Discussions Of The Week- 10th December to 16th December- 2012

1. Barnes and Noble Nook HD+

Barnes and Noble’s large-format (9-inch) HD-screen entry, the HD+, is a quite similar to the 7-inch Nook HD, and is a tablet with a great screen and very good value.
Read our full review.
Photo by Mashable

Barnes and Noble Nook HD Plus


2. MediaTek Launches Its First Quad-Core Processor

Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek announced its first quad-core SoC (System on chip) processor Tuesday, the first of its kind to hit the market.
Learn more about this powerful new processor.

3. Transporter Provides Your Own Private Off-Cloud Storage for Sharing Files

One Santa Clara, Calif.-based company is offering an alternative way to share, access and protect files called “Transporter,” which stores user data exclusively on your local network and the local networks of other Transporter users you authorize for access.
Learn more about this innovative hard drive.
Image courtesy of Transporter

4. ELF Electric Vehicle Powered by Pedaling and the Sun

Called “ELF,” and fueled by the combined forces of manpower and the sun, it’s a new hybrid electric vehicle that gets you from point A to B in an innovative new way.
Learn more about this vehicle, which could be best described as a cross between a bicycle and a car.
Image courtesy of ELF

5. Contact Lenses Can Display Your Text Messages

Belgian researchers are developing a spherical LCD display that can fit onto a contact lens, which would allow you to check text messages or respond to email in the shower, for example.
Learn more about this exciting new devlopment.
Image courtesy of FlickrKrzysztof Urbanowicz

6. Eerily Lifelike Kenshiro Robot Mimics Human ‘Muscles and Bones’

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a 110-pound, 5-foot-2 robot named “Kenshiro,” designed to look like a 12-year-old male, with a body that mirrors nearly all the major muscles in a human.
Learn everything about this astonishing robot.

7. Robot Bartender Takes to the Skies

Airlines now have a new toy: an automated bartender called Skytender Trolley that works like a soft drink dispenser at a fast-food joint.
Check out this new robot that might soon be on one of your flights.
Graphics courtesy Skymax

8. This Laptop Case Is Completely Indestructible

This military-inspired case is crushproof, waterproof, shockproof and dirtproof. It will pretty much protect your laptop through an apocalypse — or if you just feel like running your computer over with a car.
Read more about the James Bond of laptop cases.
Photo courtesy of Kickstarter

9. How an Electric Guitar Actually Works

The electric guitar has become a staple in jazz, rock and pop music, but how does it work exactly?
Find out the answer.

Photo courtesy of Flickr, Jsome 1

10. Google Maps Puts Apple Maps to Shame

When the Google Maps app for the iPhone had finally been released late Wednesday night, there was a collective rejoicing from Apple fans worldwide, but does the app live up to expectations? It does, putting Apple Maps to shame.
Read more about the new Google Maps for iOS. 

This week in tech was as interesting and diverse as it gets. There were gadgets, scientific developments, and of course, the much-anticipated and ultimately triumphant release of Google Maps for iOS.

Google finally rolled out its Maps app for iOS on Wednesday, ending one of the biggest controversies of the year, and giving iPhone users a good app to find their way home, at last. As expected, Google Maps puts Apple’s counterpart to shame, and iPhone users rejoice.

In the futuristic developments department, scientists in Belgium are working on contact lenses with a tiny LCD display on board. Lenses like these could allow us to read texts or emails hands-free, with information displayed directly in the front of our eyes. Meanwhile, Japanese scientists have built a robot named Kenshiro, which imitates all the major muscles in the human body.

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This week, there was also time to learn how an electric guitar actually works, review the Barnes and Noble Nook HD+ and welcome to the world Mediatek’s first quad-core processor.

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