Some Useful Web Design Trends Of The Year 2013

With the different kinds of technologies available today for building the perfect, fully functional and eye candy websites, there is no question the different kinds of possible outcome that web designers and developers may come up to when asked about making a website with fully functional parts. Because the website making and designing industry is evolving at a very fast rate, there is a great amount of chance that a certain design may quickly fade out and disappear in the shadows of better websites designs or survive to see another day. With that being said, here is a list of the top web design trends that have been widely used and recognized in the website designing world in the year 2013.

Web Designing Trends

Going for Responsive

With the number of people using their mobile devices more than they use their personal computers or laptops, chances are the websites that they view most on those kinds of mediums would be less accessed when they use their mobile devices. Why? Simply because of the fact that it does not automatically change its looks and adapts properly to the screen size of the mobile device.

This may lead to websites having a lot of scroll bars on the sides which generally take up some space. This is where the development of responsive sites have been most useful. Giving site visitors the full benefit of a website on a mobile device without the hassle of scroll bars proved to be a very innovative web design.

Simplicity of Design and Content

Simplicity is beauty. This quotation not only applies to the physical aspect of something but in the aspect of web designing as well. Websites that have simple yet direct to the point content tends to draw visitors more than those websites that have long winded texts and confusing content. This is one of the reasons why most frequently visited websites today have adapted to the minimalist style of website development rather than the traditional one.

Technology Agnostic

Being technologically agnostic brings a lot of new innovations that most of the time have rocked the web design world. This way of thinking by web designers have paved the way to a lot of unique ideas that have been deemed very useful to the web development community. While not everyone can really think outside the box, it has been a great way by web designers to come up with new ideas despite the sea of already established web designing ideas. It sometimes even brings up new ways to look into web designing ideas that was otherwise once was viewed as improbable or impossible.

App Style Interfaces

This kind of web design has not been the most sought after web design if we try to slide a few years back… back when everything was still web based and only a handful of people use this kind of interface. Now, there are a lot of app style interface websites that would do basic tasks that we would once use with a lot of different kinds of software and programs. This kind of web design for a lot of sites has paved the way for a lot of different kinds of monitoring that a lot of companies need for different reasons. From traffic tracking to invoicing, this design has been very useful to anyone who ever uses it.

Single Tone Colors

A few years back, websites would use a wide variety of colors to make their websites catch the attention of visitors. But later on as more and more designers have adapted to the minimalistic approach, the way they came about designing websites has drastically changed, which even affects the way they use colors on the website itself. Now, most visited websites have a uniformed color code using single tone colors throughout the entire website to have a sense of uniformity and formality.

Awesome Typography

Websites in general, use fonts that would greatly reflect their company’s vision and mission as well as direct the tone of the website. If the website being designed works on services for children, designers may use certain font that would be pleasing to the children’s eyes. On the other hand, formal websites such as law firms and police stations use fonts that would reflect their company or establishment the right way.

Flooding of Web Design Firms

With the emergence of hundreds of different firms that does web designing, there is no question the need to reconsider a lot of different things before even thinking of speaking to a web design firm. Know everything that you need to know like the kind of website to be established. Find the right structure that you would want the website to look like when thinking of giving that web designing project to a certain firm.

Highlight Box

Last but definitely not the least, web designers now use highlight boxes to indicate the kind of page the visitor is in, adding to the overall aesthetics of the website as well. Highlight boxes are often wrapped in an image with the heading. This kind of web design is useful to keep visitors in the loop of where they are inside your site.

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Brian Taylor is the Owner and VP of Business Development at Forix LLC, a web design and development company based in Portland, Oregon. Brian completed his studies at Oregon State university in BS, Business Administration w/ Marketing Option. Get in touch with Brian through Linkedin.

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