Learn How Do GPS Trackers Work

These days there are a lot of things we can do to keep our kids safe. Some technology available to us now used to exist only in the world of science fiction. Many people know that GPS trackers are now an option and can help keep your loved ones safe, but not everyone is aware of how these important devices work.


 What is GPS?

 GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, is a system made possible by a group of no fewer than two dozen satellites that orbit around our planet. They are able to send information to groups of receivers that are here on Earth’s surface, which tells exactly where the receivers are. GPS satellites not only transmit a signal that it uses for its own purposes, it also sends out another signal, one that can be freely used by anyone who has the technological ability to make use of this information. As a result, manufacturers from all over the world are able to use this technology and incorporate it into the products they are creating.

 How Do GPS Satellites Locate Things?

 Since these satellites are continually sending a transmission back to the planet, the receivers are able to determine exactly where the satellites are based on how long it takes the signal to get to them. A signal that is taken from a minimum of three satellites allows for something called “trilateration.” Trilateration is the process that determines the relative positions of at least three points. It treats each point like a vertex and measures it. As a result, it can pinpoint where the satellite is in space.

 What Does A GPS Tracker Look Like?

 A GPS tracker is not very big. The size can vary, of course, but they can easily fit into the palm of your hand. Some are made to be smaller than your pinky finger. When it comes to GPS tracking for kids, the units are very small and designed to be lightweight so it is not a burden for the child to carry. It is so small, as a matter of fact, the child won’t even realize they have it on their person if it is placed inside their lunch box or backpack.

 What Can It Do?

 Depending on the device you own, you can expect a variety of different features from your GPS tracking device. They are capable of letting you know when your son or daughter leaves your house or their school. They can send this information to your phone or to your computer, depending on your preferences. At the touch of a button they are also able to let you know exactly where your little one is from up to one hundred-fifty feet from you. In this case, an alarm will sound to let you know exactly where they have gone. There are many other features that are available, including regular location updates, a panic button and even detailed reports documenting where your child has gone, location by location. There is seemingly no end to the things a GPS tracker is able to do to keep your children safe in an ever-changing world.


 This is a guest post by Laura Russell, a guest writer from Brickhousesecurity.com. It is a site that offers home security solutions with their highly trusted GPS trackers. They also offer GPS tracking, hidden cameras and PC monitoring assistance.

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