Google Reportedly Revealing 10-inch Nexus And 3G-Capable Nexus 7 Tablets At Upcoming Event

Google InviteAccording to a new report from The Next Web today, Google is readying a number of new devices for announcement at the event it recently announced for October 29, including new Nexus tablet hardware and Android 4.2 features. Some notables from the list of upcoming reveals include improved Nexus 7 tablets (one boasting 3G connectivity), a 10-inch Nexus tablet and a new Nexus reference phone from LG.

The report from “a source with knowledge of Google’s plans” includes ample detail, including apparent confirmation that a 32GB version of the Nexus 7 will be unveiled, which is a widely anticipated move. New, however, is the suggestion that we’ll also see another version of the 32GB model that includes a 3G, HSPA+ antenna for on-the-go connectivity. Google’s Nexus line has been Wi-Fi-only until now, a considerable disadvantage relative to competing products like the iPad for frequent travelers.

There’s also a report that Samsung will produce a new 10-inch Nexus tablet for Google, running Android 4.2 and boasting a 2560×1600 display, with an iPad Retina display-beating pixel density of around 300ppi, according to TNW. Also in the Nexus line, the LG Nexus smartphone is reportedly specced as has been reported previously, and will also be powered by Android 4.2, which brings new features like a user account control mechanism that allows for different profiles to provide access to different apps and services on the same shared  device.

Google’s invitation went out late last week, and adds to an already crowded event calendar at the end of October that includes multiple Microsoft events, as well as ones from Apple and Samsung. Unveiling a refreshed, budget tablet line as well as a new Nexus phone one week after Apple’s iPad mini reveal would have clear strategic value for Google in terms of taking the wind out of its competitor’s sales going into the holiday shopping season, so the details of this report definitely make sense from that perspective. We’ll be there covering the event as it happens, though, so we’ll let you know exactly what does get presented by Google on October 29.

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